Budget-Friendly DIY Projects for Home Improvements

Home Improvement - Darrell Esterly - December 30, 2020

If you are short of budget, here are some ideas you can do to make your home cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

You can paint the front door with a strong bright hue. This will leave an impression on people entering your home.
If you like to have the old look of shiplap walls and ceiling, you may want to install one. You just have to trim down plywood into planks, then attach it to your wall using an adhesive or nails. You can paint the panels with color suited with the planks.
String lights will never go out of style. You can hang some over your patio, porch, or backyard to turn it into some perfect gathering …

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Kitchen Make-over? Here Are Some Ideas

Home Improvement - Darrell Esterly - December 28, 2020

You may feel like a refreshing kitchen is needed this time. Here are some ideas that may help you with start redecorating:

You can place an artwork above the kitchen hood to bring a cozy feeling and an excellent vibe to your kitchen.
If you have glass-front cabinets, you may consider putting objects inside that are decorative. Change the items inside every few years to definitely give it that refreshing and brand new look.
Choose a versatile chair when choosing seats. Although this is not really best for formal seating occasions, this can be best used by family members because of its comfort and easy-to-wash …

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Preparation to Your Home for Winter

Home Improvement - Darrell Esterly - December 26, 2020

It is said that you can prepare yourself easily for winter, but your home? Unfortunately, it will really take more time to prepare it! For that, here are some organizing tips to do when winter is nearly approaching:
Create a Saving Strategy
Preparing your home during winters can benefit you not only physically but also financially. The downside of this might just be the little hassle you have to experience during the time of re-organizing your home. Make sure that your windows are insulated and that there are no breaks in the plumbing system.
Break Down your To-Do List
A list of things to do when preparing …

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How to Clean a Scorched Pan

Clean and Organize - Darrell Esterly - December 25, 2020

Cooking something but you forgot about it and it became a mess? It can happen sometimes, often causing your entire pan to be a mess. You can use commercial cleaners available online, but some of them might just not be effective at times.
In that case, we’ll go with some kitchen items to help you clean with your scorched pan instead. They’re as follows:
Kosher salt is good for removing scorch marks on pans, and it also removes greases. You can add Dawn dish detergent with hot water on salt, then pour it into the scorched pan. Use a sponge to remove it then rinse it afterward.
Vinegar and Baking Soda…

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Tips on Cleaning Brass

Clean and Organize - Darrell Esterly - December 22, 2020

Brass decorations are commonly found in the fall season because of their warm gleam which makes them aesthetically appealing for your home. However, brass can easily tarnish and lose the gleam it. Fortunately, it’s very easy to clean and make it shiny again.
Before cleaning a brass item, check first if it’s made of solid brass or just brass-plated. You can check by using a refrigerator magnet and placing it on the furniture. If it sticks, it is brass-plated; if not, it is solid brass.
Cleaning a brass item depends on how tarnished it is. You can use soap and water if it is lightly tarnished then wipe it down with a cloth…

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